Pregnancy Nordic Walking

Although sufficient rest and avoidence of prolonged standing activities are still important during pregnancy, women are now increasingly encouraged to exercise. Appropriate programme of exercise is not only safe safe during pregnancy, but can also provide considerable number of health benefits to both the mother and the unborn child.

Walking and being outdoors is a great activity for the pregnant women.
Adding the poles into walk allows to enhance workouts and make up for the strength training.
Nordic walking has all the positive benefits of walking but none of the negatives (high impact).
Nordic Walking burns more energy then a regular walking and can also help to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy while keeping up endurance and fitness levels.

The main reason for Nordic walking’s popularity is that body weight is distributed over four points of contact with the ground (feet and two poles) during the activity. This reduces joint impact and often eliminates hip, knee, foot and back pain. The arms and legs move rhythmically, and research conducted in Finland and the US showed the result as a 20-25% increase in cardiovascular fitness. This is all accomplished while walking—a pelvic floor safe activity.

Nordic Walking is the perfect workout for mums-to-be . This gentle form of exercise is ideal before, during and after pregnancy.
It is low impact and gentle on joints, great for strengthening and fantastic for improving and maintaining your cardiovascular fitness.

What are the benefits?

  • Turns a walk into a workout
  • Strengthens and tones the abdominals & the whole body
  • Helps improve & maintain cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Low impact & gentle on lower body joints
    Assists with the changing centre of balance during pregnancy
  • Ideal for easing low back pain during pregnancy
  • An opportunity to network & socialise with local mums to be whilst keeping fit
    Exercising outdoors is guaranteed to boost your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing

If you would like to keep fit and healthy through your pregnancy then Nordic Walking is the right balance of exercise, fresh air and not putting too much strain on your body as the baby grew.

Nordic Walking kept me fit during and after my first pregnancy and I am positive it helped me to have an easier labour.


Nordic Walking can be a safe and effective workout for pregnant women but just like with all new workout routines you should consult your physician before starting.
Please always check with your GP/ Midwife before commencing any new exercise programme.


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