About me


Welcome to my website. My name is Ewa Piotrowicz and I am the girl behind Think Sharp Live Smart.

I have created this website as I have always had a desire to create a space where I can share my passion, thoughts and inspiration in life with others.

Achieving life balance is the biggest desire that I am aiming for and I am constantly trying to find a way to achieve it.

I am a Nordic Walking instructor, who loves spending time outdoors as much as possible. I am a big fan of functional body movements, and a strong believer of happy movements.

I have completed the Foundation Yoga Course with the British Wheel of Yoga, this helped me to understand the integrity between the mind, body and soul and I am still  in the process of discovering this amazing connection.

I am really interested in nutrition as good nutrition provides energy to refuel our bodies. This lead me to complete The Sport and Nutritional Advisor Award.

Although I have an avid interest in nutrition as the main nourishment component for our bodies, minds and souls, I also do believe it is a much bigger picture than just calories in and out.

Most importantly I am a mum who is still familiarising herself with her new life role. Trying to juggle mum duties with the rest of the things I love to do.

My active and positive pregnancy experience motivated me to enhance my qualifications and become an Ante and Post Natal Fitness Instructor.

I am in the process of passionately designing a mindful, outdoor exercising program for young mums with their babies.

Contacts info: thinksharplivesmart@gmail.com




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