Salmon and roots vegetables baby soup

When the days are getting cooler and little noses are full of cold, this soup could be just a perfect, comforting meal for those young taste buds πŸ˜πŸ‘Ά With a little trick, it could be ready just under 30 minutes 😊

Oh yes, this it what we busy mummies needπŸ‘


2 small potatoes

2 large carrots

2 small parsnips

small piece of leek

half of garlic clove

half of salmon fillet (approx 60g)

1 medium sweet potato

tsp of ghee butter (or rapseed oil)

Place all vegetables and fish into blender and grate them into small pieces (see pictures below)

Transfer all into pan, cover fully with boiling water and cook for approximately 20 minutes. Small food pieces will cook faster then bigger chunks so you could safe some time here😁. 

When cooked, add ghee butter and blend it together.

It will make 3 jars of approx 280g.

I always use second jar next day and the third one goes into freezer. This way I have range of home made soups ready for my baby on the days when I don’t have time to cook 😊

Grated fish and veggies before cooking

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