Quick, substantial breakfast for busy family

We’ll all know those busy, multitasking mornings, when we need to feed the baby and ourselves and time is tight 😱 It’s is happening a lot in our household so I have tried some strategy which seems to be working for those type of mornings.

It requires 5 minutes preparation in the evening and about 10 minutes in the morning so not bad, still healthy, nutritional option for us all 🤣


( for 2 adults and the baby)

10 tbsp of oats

2 bananas

2 dates

tbsp of nut butter (I used almond one)

hot water

greek yoghurt as a topping option

jam, fruits, compote whatever you have available

Put all ingredients into blender, cover with the water and blend in, transfer into pan and let it soak overnight. Heat it up in the morning, you may need to add some extra water depending on consistency you prefer. Keep cooking for 5-10 mum and serve with your favourite topping. 

It’s full of goodness for adults and babies providing none of you is allergic to nuts butter, it can be substituted with ghee butter or ordinary one😊

You can also save up on buying expensive baby porridge😊


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