Baby semolina packed with veggies sweetened with bananas

I am always looking for some ideas for nutritional, comforting baby supper. So I come up with the idea to use semolina with sweet vegetables, sweetened with bananas. Green peas are great protein packed option which will keep little tummies fuller for longer. Roots vegetables are just ideal food for this time of the year and bananas add additional sweetness to it. You could use it as a pudding too.


100 grams of semolina

100 grams of garden peas ( I used frozen ones)

150 grams of parsnip (approx 3 medium size)

130 grams of sweet potato (approx 1 medium size)

2 medium bananas

2 dates (optional)

5 tsp of ghee butter

500ml of water (boiled one, hot)

7-8 glass jars (190gram – small jam or nut butter jars)

Cook your vegetables first until soft. Safe the cooking water for later. Place your veggies into blender together with semolina, bananas and dates and blend them together (you may need to add some water) Place them into pan, add remaining water form your vegetables and top it up to 500 ml. Cook and stir for 6-8 minutes. You may want to add extra water depending what consistency is preferred. At the end add ghee butter and mix it well and pour into glass jars (approx 7 jars of 190 grams). You can freeze it once cool down or preserve them by boiling jars up side down for further 30 minutes. Hope your little one will enjoy it

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