Nordic Walking with baby

Today was one of those days when I felt I rather just stay in bed for a bit longer, cover with a warm blanket 🤔 We are both under the weather which isn’t pleasent when you are 10 months old and also not good scenerio for sleep deprived mum. We tried to avoid playing groups for few weeks, as it feels like we are in the middle of a flu season🙄 Luckily we still managed to made an effort to go out. I was just working on feeling good to find an energy to carry my sweet, 23 pound weight and we did a lovely Nordic Walking session alongside sea front. Fresh air was just what we both needed, and a nice company of other walkers was a big bounus of the day. We both felt energised and relaxed and I could actually felt a change in Alex too. He just loves being carried and be close to my chest😍 I take advantage of those mindful moments and enjoy them while I still can😊 they are growing so fast

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