wintery mango fig porridge


very sweet flavour porridge with dried fruits in, just perfect to warm you up and energise for a good start of  the cold  day 🙂


half of small fresh mango

4 egg whites

4 dried soaked figs

tsp of soaked raisins 

 25 gram of millet flakes ( or any plain rolled oats )

1 tsp of ground flaxseed

1 tsp of bee pollen

100 – 200 ml of water depending how you like your porridge


Place oats, water, mango, raisins, flaxseed  into food processor and blend it all, place into pan and cook for few minutes, add egg whites, egg and keep cooking and stiring for another 5 minutes. Make sure egg whites are cooked.  Pour down porridge in, add soaked fig on top, sprinkle with bee pollen…yummm 🙂

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