Bungy Pump Advent Calendar

Exercise of the door number 7

 Active side bend with poles

 Hold one pole above your head, elbows bend. Keep your shoulders down. Tilt the upper body from side to side in a slow pace. Repeat 10 times each side.





 My personal outcomes of the door number 7


Day 7 of Bungy Pump Advent Calendar Challenge – after long shift at work I really felt like cover myself with a soft blanket and watch TV. With the strong wind outside it was a real challenge to go for a walk..but I like challenging myself and completed my late afternoon, Sunday briskly walk throughout Green drive. On a way back home, enjoyed looking at Christmas decorations in Lytham main road and now wrapping into blanket is much more appreciated I walked over 3 miles in 1 hour and burned estimated 252 calories

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