Bungy Pump Advent Calendar

Exercise of the door number 6

Calf raise with poles in front of feet

Stand with feet shoulder width and place both poles in front of your feet. Press the poles down. Go up on both of your feet, hold for 2 seconds and resume to starting position. Repeat 20 times.



 My personal outcomes of the door number 6


Day 6 of Bungy Pump Advent Calendar – as much as l enjoy my long, lonely walks I really felt like I would love to have some company on my walk today. Luckly Bart is running a walking session on Saturday morning so I happily joined bunch of walking enthusiasts and thoroughly enjoyed training and chatting in the same time, followed by nice warm drink and more chatting good start of the day before long shift at work I walked over 3 miles in 1 hour time and burned estimated 284 calories plus an extra (estimated) 218 thanks to bungies enjoy your day

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