Bungy Pump Advent Calendar

Exercise of the door number 4

 Sitting Torso rotation with poles

 Sit down with legs and upper body both above the ground with one pole in front of you, elbows slightly bend as presented on the picture. Move the pole from side to side, squeeze pole in and  keep your abdominal engaged throughout the entire movement. Repeat 5 times each side, take a short break and do it again.





 Personal outcomes of the doors number 4


Day 4 of Bungy Pump Advent Calendar Challenge – today morning walking – training was nothing like yesterday strolling with poles. With an extra Birthday’s energy in me..I just went for high intensity brisky walk, using suspension fully and really enjoyed myself, thinking… another great year of life getting older, wiser (I hope;)) and healthier every year, life is good I have walked just under 3 miles in 43 minutes, burning enough calories to have my Birthday sweet potato brownie cake with no guilt hope you all enjoyed your walk xxx

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