Bungy Pump Advent Calendar

Exercise of the door number 2

Lunges backwards – poles in front of feet

 Stand with feet shoulder width, place the poles in front of your feet and press the poles down to the ground. Take a big step backwards with one leg and bend the knee, alternate your legs. Resume the initial position. Repeat 10-20 times each leg.



My personal outcomes of door number 2


Day 2 of Bungy Pump Advent Calendar – I had a chance to Bungy Pumping this morning and I loved that ‘crispy air’ of this time of the year. My exercise of the day was captured by kind man in a park who questioned me what I was doing on a way back home I went into local shop and got some fresh, still warm rye bread which for sure…I would never have done If I wouldn’t be walking this morning. Now is time to get ready for afternoon shift at work I walked over 3 miles in 52 minutes and burned 300 calories. Considering Bungy Pump today’s fact re: calorie burn, I have burned additional 230 calories !! how cool is that? enjoy your walk

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