slow cooked minted lamb stew with beetrooty cous cous and roasted parsnip


We are slowly getting into this time of the year when we all need comfort, warming food to keep us healthy and in balance and although I am not a big fan of lamb it is good to change your habits sometimes. I got that great recipe I would love to share it with you


Serves 4 large portion

1tbsp of grapseed oil

shoulder of lamb – about 850 gram

2 crushed garlic cloves

2 onions

3tbsp of mint jelly

300 ml of lamb stock

150 ml of red wine

2tbsp of wholemeal flour


For cous cous :

4 cooked beetroots peeled and diced

400 ml of boiling water

juice of one lemon

small bunch of chopped parsley

small bunch of chopped mint

salt and pepper

few roasted parsnips and cooked asparagus (optional)



Stir in the garlic, then flour, add mint jelly, wine and mix until smooth. Pour in the lamb stock, add pepper and salt and bring it to boil. Place the lam shoulder into slow cooker, pour the sauce over it and cook for 7-8 on low or until the lamb is almost falling off the bone. Take all bones out and spread the meat into small pieces.


Preparing cous cous:

Put the cous cous and beetroot cubes into bowl, pour over the boiling water then add the lemon juice and some seasoning. Cover it up for 5 minutes and then add the herbs into cous cous

Serve lamb stew with cous cous



Approximate macronutrients breakdown for:

120 gram of lamb stew

150 gram of cous cous

1 large roasted parsnip


Calories: 465

Carbs: 46.5 gram

Protein: 24 gram

Fat: 18 gram







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