Exercise freedom

First Mind& Body Pram Walk

I clearly remember that photo💕with my 12 weeks old baby boy and his so new looking pram🙈🙂

I said to my husband…”Daddy take the photo of us, I have just discovered something amazing today”🤩
That was when the initial idea of Mind&Body Pram Walking was born💪👌 follow by few months of deepening my knowledge about active walking technique and carried on studying and working on my case study for Ante Natal and Post Natal qualifications.
It was a tough time studying, looking after baby with no family around us but we made it some how😊🤪
I remember when I did my first pram walk with my resistance tool pro-x walker that day and never looked back and probably never pram walk without it since then👌😊
Loved the idea, loved the freedom I have gain instantly and the fact that I didn’t have to plan, try to find the time for my workouts anymore.
I could do them at everytime when out with my baby🤩
It can be quite upsetting when you try to find a time for exercise and you physically can’t afford that, especially at the beginning of motherhood journey and when you eventually find that time your focus is not the same…well my wasn’t.
I remember trying to fit some exercises in and kept thinking: will he be up? Will I manage? Washing needs to be put on…etc I could never get the same focus for working out as I had before become a mum and believe you me I didn’t need to encourage myself to exercise. I loved exercising but something change at that moment in time.
Early motherhood it’s very special time but also had so many new anxieties on its way so I refused to add a worry about my exercise regime 🤔 We do go out everyday so I have a chance to workout everyday. I have heard some opinions..”well but it’s only walking, you don’t really exercise”…well that would be the other long topic..what effective walking can do to and for our bodies and minds 🤩🤔 Words: effective, active make a significant difference in comparison to just walking 😊
I adapt my workouts to my current mood, body energy and most importantly to Alex schedule and needs. He is getting older and need to spend more time outside the pram and that’s so important for his well-being but I can still fit my walks in between his schedule. If the time is tight and I feel like to have a go I just increase intensity and through few resistance exercise as I go along and if I feel not as good I just enjoy a stroll with a gentle arm swing 😊💪

I love that freedom. When it comes to exercise I have no regime and to me no regime equals no anxiety in this subject. I feel free in my mind about it and that’s feels so amazing.
Do I feel that my body not benefit from lack of regime?
Not at all, I move happily and freely every day, I am aware of my body needs and as a mum of a toddler I don’t have a lot of sitting time anyway so my days are active. I also feel I am active for life not just for summer because I truly love what I do. Using my resistance tool whilst pram walking add so many benefits to it. It transformed pram walk to the whole, functional body workout and gave me a sense of well-being on many levels😍 and when my boy grow out of his pram I will happily active walk next to him with my swinging arms and will keep having  uncountable benefits of it for both of us.
I am very passionate to share Mind&Body Pram Walking concept with everyone who find that interesting 😄

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