Safe and effective way to pram walk

Pushing your baby in the pram can be a great way to get you in shape, however it is very important how you push your pram to be able to get the benefits and improve your fitness level.
Before we started pushing pram, our bodies were used to releasing upper body energy by swinging our arms when we walked.
Arm swing in human walking is a natural motion where in each arm swings with the motion of the opposing leg.
Keeping both hands on the pram handle change our walk. Several things change in how we move.

Few important points to be aware of:

– keep your wrists in neutral position – bending the wrists puts too much pressure when pushing your pram and could lead to wrists issues especially when hormone relaxin is still present

– keep your shoulder blades “in your back pockets” – put your shoulder blades back and down – this way you take the tension out ot the shoulders and neck when you pushing your pram, avoid rolling your shoulders forward as you push,

– engage your abdominals to supports the spine as you walk

– resist leaning forward over or towards the pram handle, especially uphill

– swing an arm and alternate them – we tend to place both hands on the pram handle and keep them there when we walk – this can lead to shoulder and neck pain. When we hold a pram we lose our arm swing, a natural body movement and the connection between the upper and lower body, which supports the lower back and pelvis as you walk.
Swinging one arm help to avoid shoulder and neck discomfort and to walk more naturally

Technically, pushing a pram as you walk is not particularly challenging, but there is a thing that can make your walk a strength workout alongside your already present, cardiovascular training.

During our Mind&Body Pram Walking sessions we specifically use resistance walking tool Pro-x walker.
With each movement of the Pro-x walker puts your arms and shoulders against the right training resistance. So it makes your walking an effective and joint-friendly whole body workout.
Pro-x walker is a special waist belt with two handheld devices with resistance in (approx 1kg).
Those two handheld devices are attached at the left and right of that belt via thin cables. When the arms are moved forward, the cables are drawn out against the spring resistance. Resistance in it is equal, it does not depend how far you reach (not like exercising bands) you always have the same resistance regardless how far you reach.
Muscle activity in the upper body is more intensive during walking with it in comparison to conventional walking.
It is super safe, whenever you wish or need your hands free, it can be stored away in the utility belt with a matter of seconds 😊
Get in touch if you would like find out more about our Mind&Body Pram Walking sessions💪🤩

Mind&Body Pram Walking session

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