mind hunger


– Becoming aware of Mind Hunger –

Mind hunger is based upon thoughts. Mind hunger is influenced by what we take in through eyes and ears, the words we read and hear. Lots of cookbooks and diets provide food for mind hunger. Mind hunger is based upon absolutes and opposites: good food versus bad food, should eat versus should not eat. We have learned to choose our foods by the numbers (calories, carbs, fats, RDA’s, price, whatever), relying more heavily on our reading and computational skills than upon senses. They are some studies showing the power of the mind has over our eating habits. People can convince to like or dislike certain food based upon false information. The voices that comprise mind Hunger are important to hear but should be taken with a large grain of salt. “You should start the day with a big breakfast”, ” You should eat six times a day”, “Sugar is a poison”.

Sometimes mind hunger and the body don’t agree. We do this all the time. We are full but the mind says, ” one more won’t hurt”. Our minds do not always tell us a truth. In order to restore a harmonious relationship to eating, in order to enjoy our food, we must learn to listen to the deeper wisdom of our body.

It is important that during the day we are aware what the mind is telling us about food and drink. Listen for the mind’s comments on what you ” should” eat or drink and ” should not”. Notice whether there are competing voices that say different things about the same food.

Before we eat we should pause and look at the food. Listen inwardly to hear what the mind is saying about this food and drink before you. What is the mind saying about hunger? Is hunger “good” or “bad”? We should check the eyes, stomach, body, and mind to see where hunger might lie. What the mind is saying about satisfaction. We should check before, during and after the meal.

Satisfying Mind Hunger –

It is not clear we can ever satisfy mind hunger, because the mind is always changing its mind. One day it puts us on a strict diet, the next day it convince us we need another dessert. We need to investigate this for ourselves.

The mind is truly content only when it becomes quiet. When the many contradictory voices around eating are still, when awareness function is dominant over the thinking function, then we can be fully present as we eat. When we are filled with awareness, we become filled with satisfaction.

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