heart hunger


– Becoming aware of Heart Hunger –

We feed our hearts when we take care in preparing food for ourselves, treating ourselves as well as we would a guest. It not only takes few minutes to arrange food nicely on a plate rather then eating out of cardboard take-home carton, or did down at a table you have set with a colourful place mat and candle rather than standing up at the kitchen counter. We cannot depend upon food to fill the empty place in our heart. Ultimately what must nourish our heart is intimacy with this very moment. We can experience this intimacy with anything that present itself to us, people or plants, rocks, rice, or raisins.

When we become aware of heart hunger, pick a favourite comfort food. Buy a small portion or single helping, such as one special chocolate truffle or single scoop of good ice cream. Sit down and look at the food with love. Eat very slowly and enjoy every single bite.

– Satisfying Heart Hunger –

When we feel hungry but a check of the seven hungers reveals that the mouth, stomach, and the body are not hungry, do something deliberate to nourish the heart; talk to person you love, play with child or pet, work in your garden, create something, listen to your favourite music, give a gift. If you eat, eat slowly, and open your awareness to the multitude of beings who brought this food to your table. Give thanks.

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