Mango peanut butter muffins


After long hours at work I needed a bit of relax time and nothing seems to work better for me like a bit of baking.

Spending time in the kitchen allow my overtasking mind to calm down which I truly enjoy lately…ok enough rambling😉

So I wanted to create something fruity, quite feeling and moist and I think those experimental muffins tick all the boxes 😃


– 2 large blended mango

– 100gram of dried, cut into small pieces mango

-3 eggs

-500gram of nutty muesli (blended)

-200gram of peanut butter

-6 tbsp of coconut flakes

-tbsp of bicarbonate soda

Place the nutty muesli into food processor and blend it roughly. Put it in to a dish and then place mango pieces together with peanut butter into food processor and blend it. Pour the mixture into dish and mix with muesli, add eggs, bicarbonate soda and mango pieces and mix everything all together.

Prepare 15 cupa cakes cases and spread your mixture into it.

Bake for 20 minutes in 150C preheated oven

Enjoy 😃

If you are interested in macronutrient breakdown for 1 muffins check it out below 😃

282 calories

Fat – 12 gram

Carbohydrates – 32.5 gram

Proteins – 8.5gram

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