Sunday’s Parfait


Parfaits – I always see them in health magazines, in the café displays but never had a chance to try to make one…what’s more.. teast one too 🙂

As making parfaits require a bit of precision and patience…I thought, will challenge myself tonight 🙂 make them for Sunday breakfast…mmm

They  will contribute to a lovely, energetic start of the day, perfect  before a long adventure walk with a group of Nordic Walkers 🙂

so…patience is a virtue…

My list of ingredients if you would ever like to try this colourful beauties 🙂

We will need:

1 blended banana

2 handful of blended strawberries

1 blended mango

1 cup (250ml one) of oats combined with 2 tbs of grounded flaxseed

1 tsp of carob powder

Few tbs of buttermilk

4 prunes

250 ml of quark mixed with heap tsp of honey and a bit lime juice

I think this is it 🙂

So now the fun part of challenging our patience and mastering precision 😉

Please note that all quantities of layers are for two cups ( that’s right double precision 😉 )

First layer:

Combine 1 blended banana, 4prunes, 1 tsp of carob,2 tbs of oats,3 tbs of buttermilk and spread into two jars

Second layer:

Add 1,5 tbs of quark to each jar,

Third layer:

Combine 6 tbs of blended strawberries, 4 tbs of oats, tsp of honey,3 tbs of buttermilk and spread into 2 jars

Fourth layer:

Add 3 tbs of blended strawberries to each jar

Fifth layer:

Combine 3/4 of blended mango with remaining oats and spread between two jars

Sixth layer:

Add 2 – 3 tbs of quark

Seventh layer: ( I am crazy I know 😉 )

Just top it up with remaining blended mango

I just sprinkle mine with coconut flakes and cinnamon 🙂 as a last touch

All done 🙂 looking yummy

Looking forward to my Sunday breakfast 🙂

Enjoy :*



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