very simple, natural, post workout smoothie


You can’t beat a flavour of home made natural post workout smoothie, perfectly balance to meet your macronutrients body needs after hard training 🙂


200 gram of mango / or 150 gram of banana

2 poached egg whites

100ml of coconut fat free milk

50 gram of Greek fat free yoghurt

Blend it all together and enjoy the taste 🙂

Macronutrient break down (mango):

208 cal

32 gram of carbs

13 gram of protein

1.4 gram of fat

Macronutrient brakdown (banana):

216 cal

40 gram of carbs

14 gram of protein

1.4 gram of fat

It is important to keep your fat intake very low in your post workout smoothie, especially, straight away after hard training so you not slowing down digestion of simple sugar and protein which are crucial for faster recovery after workout 🙂 and if you keep ratio of carbs – protein as 3,4 – 1 you can be sure that all simple sugar you just had want end up in your waist line 🙂 enjoy

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