ginger – parsnip squares


Ingredients for 35 squares:


750 gram of muesli

50 – 100 gram of cooked ginger

750 gram of cooked parsnip

650 gram of soaked overnight dates (together with water you were soaking your dates in)

250 ml of egg whites

2 tbsp of melted ghee butter

tsp of grounded cardamom

½ tsp of grounded cinnamon

½ tsp of grounded nutmeg

2 tsp of baking soda


1 tsp of decaf coffee flakes (optional)

1 tbsp of bee pollen

1 green and black white vanilla chocolate


Cook your parsnip with ginger in a pan until very soft, blend your whole muesli in food processor as fine as possible and place in a big bowl. Blend soaked in water dates and add  into bowl, then mash or blend cooked ginger and parsnip and place into bowl, stir well all together, add remain ingredients (egg whites, spices, ghee, baking soda) and mix it all into dough,  place in to large baking tin (28×35)

Bake for 40 minutes in 180 degree, let it to cool down, pour melted chocolate over it, sprinkle with coffee flakes and bee pollen. 

Enjoy 🙂

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