Bungy Pump Advent Calendar

Exercise of the door number 17

Lunges forward with torso rotation

 Stand with your feet close together and hold the pole with straight arms on top of your hips. Take one big step forward as presented in the picture and simultaneously rotate your upper body and torso in the same direction as your forward leg. Keep you abdominal muscles engaged throughout the entire movement. Resume to starting position. Repeat 20 times each side.





 My personal outcomes of the door number 17


Day 17 of Bungy Pump Advent Calendar Challenge – another day of very practical use of Bungy Pump it is getting closer to Christmas time, trying to organise essentials for that magical time of the year can be a challenge on its own.

I still wanted to complete my favourite weight lifting class so instead of driving myself into local gym I walked with Bungies giving my body a great warm up before heavy lifting, thoroughly enjoyed combination of those two workouts.  

Now, off to airport to pick my parents up yeyyy

have a nice evening x

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