Bungy Pump Advent Calendar


With December approaching really fast, we all getting ready for Christmas count down by choosing our favourite chocolate Advent Calendars, we usually feel a bit guilty but still going for it saying to ourselves… “come on it’s Christmas”… and that’s great as this is what this precious time of the year is all about; happiness, relaxed, valuable time with loved ones…
Can you imagine guilt free Advent Calendar with health benefits for you and your close ones? When every day you are ticking another little box and getting healthier and fitter for festive time?
I have created Bungy Pump Advent Calendar for us. The plan is to walk every day, in your spare time for at least 30 minutes with Bungy Pump training poles or without them and combining your brisking walk with simple exercise using training poles. If you haven’t got poles you will still be able to go for a basic option of each exercise.
Every day I will present different “exercise of the day” together with some information about Bungy Pump Training Poles and their benefits for our health.
Are you up for it?
The plan is to share our daily walk’s experience by posting on your or my wall:  time of your walk and picture of “exercise of the day” with poles or without. As an option you can also track your walk on Endomondo Sport Tracker or any different app that may help you to stay motivated.
At the end of the Bungy Pump Calendar Challenge we will honoured one of you with a pair of Bungy Pump poles with 4kg suspension (t&c apply)

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