‘it s all about balance’ meal



It is all about balance…would you believe that this meal has less calories than just five digestive biscuits ? as easy as it sounds, it s not that simple to balance your meal macronutrients, but I can assure you if you do…it is the best way to get rid of unwanted cravings and in the same time you ‘throwing’ your body into burning fat mode… and you would never think about biscuits after dinner ever again 😉


150 gram of cooked potatoes ( wit pinch of salt and pepper)

80 gram of slow cooked chicken breast

150 gram of cooked runners beans

2 tbsp of hummus

1,5 tsp of pumpkin seeds 

 macronutrients breakdown :

Calories: 339

Carbs: 45 gram

Proteins: 26 gram

Fat: 7 gram

for a male : you can increase your portions

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