muscle building breakfast


Good morning dear all😊

While having few days off from work, I have read very interesting book

Book was read it nearly in one go and gave me few new ideas re: balancing macronutrients in our meals

starting with great ‘filling for longer’ breakfast, tested for few days on myself less calorie with great balance

Ingredients for one serving:

2 tbsp of any oats

1 banana

50 g of strawberries

15g of hemp powder

150 ml of water

25 g of blueberries

25 g of raspberries

2 egg whites

tsp of bee polen


Place oats, water, banana, strawberries, hemp powder into food processor and blend it all, place into pan and cook for few minutes, add egg whites and keep cooking and stiring for another 5 minutes. Make sure egg whites are cooked. place raspberries on the bottom of bowl, pour dawn porridge in, add blueberries on top, sprinkle with bee pollen…very teasty

Macronutrients breakdown:

fat: 6.3 g

carbs: 56.5 g

prot: 21.3 g

calories: 357

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