avocado – lime raw cheese cake


My number one taste of dessert so far, I absolutely love this flavour, texture…. to me it is a cake for a special occasions😍 to enjoy it s flavour and vibrant colours with family and friends


175 gram of mixed walnuts and pecans

2,5 handfuls of almond

1/2 cup of soft dates

2 tbsp of palm sugar

1 vanila pod

1,5 avocado

Juice of one lime

9 tbsp of melted coconut butter

selection of your favourite berries

tbsp of condense milk (optional)

Put all nuts into food processor and blend it in, add soft dates and keep blending until dough has formed. Put dough into mini tin cake (10 cm) and press into whole tin surface, then place avocado, lime juice, vanilla pod, melted palm sugar and coconut butter into clean food processor and keep blending for few moments until all ingredients are well mixed, pour it down into tin cake, leave it in the fridge for 6 hours to set

Combine mixed berries with condense milk* to make delicious sauce to pour over your raw avocado – lime cake, enjoy

 * for less caloric option you could swap condense milk with tsp of raw honey 

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