Seaweeds such as Dulse are very popular in Eastern cultures such as Japan, Korea, and China. This seaweed is red in colour and has a spicy, salty flavour which makes it a tasty supplement to add to our cooking. Because of its high amounts of nutrition, minerals, vitamins, and therapeutic properties, Dulse is an important element to supplements and super food powders. I like to use dulse flakes in my energy gels and drinks. Here are some awesome health benefits of Dulse:

– High in vitamins and minerals – specifically vitamins B6, B12, A, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Manganese

– helps heal poor digestive systems

– rebuilds and Maintains All Glands in the Body

– cleanses the Body of Heavy Metals

– increases Metabolism and aids in weight loss

– also High in Calcium, Fiber, and Protein

– supports healthy Brain function

– very high in Iodine for healthy Thyroid Function

– great for adding flavour to cooking

– heals the Liver

(From EzineArticles)

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