almond and honey balls dusted with carob and cinammon



Those balls are my new sweet discovery. They remind me childhood times but with much healthier touch because of their ingredients. So delicious and easy to make


– 1 cup of honey (preferably runny one)
– 2 to 3 cups of powdered almonds depending how soft or hard you would like them to be (you can powder it yourself in food processor or buy already powdered ones
– cinnamon and carob for dusting

Place powdered almonds into large dish and pour honey over it. Mix them well together by hands until dough has formed and then make a small balls dusting every single one with cinnamon or carob powder (whichever you prefer, I split them in half and use both, cinnamon for one half and carob for another) Great pre and post workout snacks that sustain your energy level, which I have tested today

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