health and research

As far I remember, I was a poorly child. I was diagnosed with several allergies at the age of 2 which led the development of allergic asthma by the age of 9. My parents tried very hard to find a solution to cure my problems, taking me for various injections which were supposed to ease allergic reactions. I had a very happy childhood thanks to my parents, but it was also a little bit limited. I didn’t attend PE classes as I wasn‘ t able to cope with any sort of competitive games or even basic exercises. I used to carry a few inhalers with me on a daily basis, taking different antibiotics up to 4-5 times a year. I just continued living without thinking too much about it as I didn’t know any different up until few years ago when, as an adult I realised I need a change. I didn’t want to be miserable about myself and my health anymore. Health became one of the most important values in my life and these days I am nowhere near my childhood lifestyle. I keep exploring, learning and challenging myself about health every day and I found it the most rewarding thing I could possibly do for myself. I would like to share with you my ideas and research of how to keep yourself healthy.

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