Mind&Body Pram Walking

My adventure with Mind&Body Pram Walking has started when my son was 12 weeks old. I was pram walking daily with him and really missed my upper body activity, I used to achieve while Nordic Walking regurally before Alex was born.

Not confident with carrying baby and walk with poles at that time of his life, I took our resistance tool pro-x-walker, we use for effective walking sessions and started to alternate swinging arms, using the same principles like in Nordic Walking. I was quickly amazed how much my upper body was activated and the heart rate was up, it also felt so natural and effortless which was and is a bonus for sleep deprived mums.

Since then I hardly ever walked with pram without my resistance tool. Any additional weight has simply walked off as a side effect of effective pram walking and not a main aim.

I have shared it with few friends, when going for a walk with babies and since then I knew I wanted to share it with other mums as it is a lovely, gentle way to get active again or for the first time, while being outdoors with your baby.

During my pregnancy I enrolled myself for Ante Natal and Post Natal Fitness Instructor Course and enjoyed studing alongside my changing body. Few months after my son was born I eventually completed my case study and passed my exams.

Being postnatal myself helped enormously to understand physical and mental needs in this also possibly vulnerable time for woman.

Eventually I put everything together: my effective walking experience, Ante Natal and Post Natal qualification, lots of passion for happy body movement and I have created 4 weeks Mind&Body Pram Walking course.

This course is focusing on:

  • Techniques of effective and efficient movement
  • Awareness of the posture and breathing
  • Mobility of the shoulders and feet
  • The strength of weaken muscles due to pregnancy
  • Stretches for tighten muscle as a pregnancy result
  • Preventing further imbalances of opposite group muscles in early motherhood body habits
  • Turning your walk into the workout

This course is suitable for mummies after their post natal check. You know your baby best so I would not focus on child age as long your baby is happy to stay in the pram for an hour, it is perfect for you both. All you need is your little one, one handled pram and comfortable shoes. Walking resistance tool pro-x-walker will be provided for locally running sessions.

The whole intention behind this course is achieving strong mind and body by dedicating some happy body movement while in beautiful, nature surroundings. Weight loss is not main purpose of the course but it may be a side effect. Feeling strong and healthy both mentally and physically is. The weight loss comes when we eat intuitively, move mindfully and think positively. Focusing on feeling strong and healthy is powerful. Much more powerful then weekly weigh in.

If your intention is weight loss I invite you to change the way you think about health and your body. Choose feeling strong, fit and healthy. Healthy mind equal healthy body.

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