nose hunger


– Becoming aware of Nose Hunger –

Before you start to eat a meal, smell the food. Rather then bending down, bring the plate or bowl or piece of food up to your nose and inhale deeply, like a wine connoisseur. Do this several times, trying to select as many components of the smell as you can.

As you eat, continue to be aware of smell. As you chew, notice if the taste is stronger on the breath – in or the out breath.

After you finished eating, sit for a moments and notice how long you continue to taste the food.

– Satisfying Nose hunger –

Nose hunger is satisfied by fragrance. We could feed our self with fragrance. I have read about lovely, subtle meditation on breath and smell. As you breathe, maintain awareness of changes in scent on in – and out – breath. You might like to begin this practice in a sitting where scent is fairly obvious. It could be a room where incense is burning or at shopping centre near a coffee shop with the smell of cinnamon buns or simply at home when someone is cooking dinner.

We can also try this with incense, flowers, or aromatic herbs like lavender or a bit of spice like nutmeg, cardamon. Inhale the fragrance, imagining as vividly as you can that it is nourishing you

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