Inner conversation between body and mind


Inner conversation between BODY and MIND😊
MIND: I really want to go on the bike to work
BODY: well I am a bit tired, had a very busy work week
MIND: come on Ewa, the weather is great, you love that feeling of peddling along, you will feel good after

BODY: no you won’t, you are tired to start with, it will catch up with you tomorrow, you know the pattern of it very well, don’t you?

MIND: but, that may be one of the last days this year, when the weather is so good😳

BODY: you do need to rest, what do you rather do?

peddling to work today and be exhausted tomorrow?

or go by car and have a balance afternoon with no headache of overdoing?

BODY: be kind to yourself, its a difference between being lazy and being wise, plenty of good, weather days ahead of you

Ok I am going to stick my glutes maximus in comfortable car sit and off I went 😊

Does this conversation sounds familiar to you? I have them pretty often with myself.  Coming from the background of overdoer I am pleased with my progression of letting things go, letting go of planned schedules for myself by myself, going out of that comfort zone of perfectionist 😊 I am not saying it is bad to be motivated, to be able to achieve a lot of things in a day, week etc My main point is that mind can be very  powerful which isn’t a bad thing but to achieve overall balance it is important to truly listen to your body.  If you feel tired, take a break and breath 😊

Personally I am on the mission to listen to my body regardless of any crazy messages my mind will throw at me.

I feel good with it 😊
Be kind to yourself 😊

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