Cake’s factory ;)


Good friend of mine asked me if I could bake a cake for her, the one she tested the other day…I was very happy to do that as baking is the most relaxing and therapeutic ‘activitiy’ for me … but most of the time it is an experimental event 😉 I hardly ever follow a recipe and try to bake by try and error approach 🙂

I have tried to picture in my mind all the ingredients I have used and this time decided to wrote them down (yeyy, clever me 😉 )

So enough ‘chatting’ let get to the point 🙂

Ingredients for my ‘factory cake’ (large batch)

– 550 gram of cooked mashed sweet potatos

-550 gram of blended dates

– 6 eggs

– 200ml of melted coconut oil (feel free to add more if you want to add extra moisture into your cake)

– 50 gram of cooked and blended ginger

– 20g of bicarbonate soda

– 350 gram of flour ( I used spelt flour, my favourite one 🙂 )

– 80 gram of carob powder

– 3 handful of frozen berries

– 100gram of chopped dark ginger chocolate


– additional 40gram of chocolate (optional)

– few fresh berries (optional)


Simply mixed all above ingredients together (place chopped chocolate and frozen berries last in), preheat oven to 180 degrees and bake for 40 minutes:)

Enjoy 😉

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