fennel tea



Good morning everyone. After studying my new ‘herbal book’ I would like to share with you some useful information of fennel seeds which I love to drink as my morning cup of tea. Mmm lovely…have a nice day

Fennel herbal tea is made from ground or crushed seeds of the fennel plant or you can make it your tea from the plant itself. It has been used traditionally as a herbal remedy by the Chinese, Indian, Arab, and Western Countries. Fennel has a sweet, earthy taste, reminiscent of licorice. This relaxing flavour has meant that fennel has also found its way into many recipes throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, India, and Europe. You can buy fennel tea bags or simply brew fennel seeds as you can see on my picture. I like 1 tsp of fennel seeds with 220 ml of boiling water.

Benefits of fennel tea:

– it’s very beneficial with stomach and intestinal issues, it helps with gas by reducing pockets of air, relieving gas pains and reducing flatulence

– it effective in battling indigestion, excess stomach acids, and even as and antispasmodic. It essentially helps by giving our digestive system a head start.

– the antispasmodic makes it a natural way to help those of us suffering from illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome

– the high level of potassium found in fennel seeds can reduce muscle cramps which is perfect for those woman that suffer from period pain

– fennel seeds are said to be a natural expectorant and stimulant as well as contain fever fighting natural compounds like potassium, calcium and other vitamins

– a cup of fennel tea may help with a cough by loosing up mucous so that we can ‘cough it up’ and get if off our chest. With the additional anti bacterial properties, it is certainly a great natural alternative to helping fight that common cold

– thanks to the antibacterial properties of fennel, it can kill off unwanted bacteria especially in our mouth helping to prevent odours causing bad breath

– fennel tea has proven medical uses for treatment of angina, asthma and high blood pressure

– fennel tea is also believed to be useful for boosting libido as well as helping with insect bites and even snake bites

– fennel tea can help us with a sore throat and hoarseness.

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