Blackberry granola crumble 😊


Ok.. calories are calories but nutritions in calories are always the winners right 😊?

That’s what I like to believe in, while eating my granola blackberry crumble with cocoa peanut butter and coconut oil in 😎😍 wouldn’t be me if I didn’t experiment with ingredients πŸ˜‹


400g of blended nutty granola

300g of defrost blackberries

Heaped tablespoon of cocoa peanut butter

Heaped tablespoon of honey

Table spoon of coconut oil flakes ( before melting)

Put cocoa peanut butter, honey and coconut oil flakes in the pan and gently heat it up while stirring, until it will become a liquid. Take it off the heat, add your blended granola and mix it together which will become a crumble mixture. Place your blackberries on baking try and spreadΒ  your crumble mixture it. Bake for 15-20 minutes in pre heat oven (160 degree)

Enjoy 😁




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