Cocktail of emotions in young mum


It took me a few months, to figure it out, that it would be a good idea to put my feelings in writing, it could be beneficial for me as a young mum, and hopefully for others too.

Becoming a mum is so overwhelming feeling in many ways.

From day number one you know your life change forever.

To me, the most surprising feeling was that overwhelming love you feel to this little human. It was so strong I was scared of it, as I never felt anything like it before.

That feeling of love was mixed with a strong feelings of anxiety and fear for my baby which I couldn’t separate.

I remember his first proper cry, when he was not comfortable with something. I could not stop being anxious about it and no positive self talk didn’t help. Which was suprise to me.

I spoke with some experience mother about it and she just smiled and said…welcome into motherhood world.

From early days I had this strong feelings to describe my emotions, to let them go, to speak honestly and I had a purpose behind it too, I think.

I did not want to face a post natal depression.

In my beliefs and understanding, it could occur, if we keep too many emotions inside and not allow them to go.

I believe it’s a completely new chapter of life for every new mum, and everyone deal with emotion in their own ways.

My best way is to share them in here, share them with loved ones, say it as it is, as I feel. Sometimes it may not be what people aspects me to say, but that doesn’t not make me a bad, ungrateful parent. In fact is nothing to do with feeling you feel to your child, but it is a result of a big changes in your own emotional life.

Would you agree? 🤔😊


My and my son on the day he was born



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