A the beginning of this year I have entered completly different world to me.
I become a mum to a little boy😍
As much I love him and feel blessed to be his mum I must admit its the biggest challenge I experience so far.
I consider myself as a very positive person but I also believe that as a mother we should be able to be real and describe our feeling of motherhood whatever they could be: feeling tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, lonely, scared, anxious etc.
We seemes to share with each other all positive emotions which is great but most of the time we do struggle too.
From the beginning of being mum I had a strong need to share those struggles.
I do believe if I face them in conversation I then get them out and feel much better.
As simple as it s sound it’s not always easy for us women to admit to it.
We are leaving in very perfect world where showing a real emotions is not always easy therefore I have decided to create this, important to me chapter to share a real motherhood highs and lows.

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