Experimental matcha green tea cake 😁😱


Inspired by all delicious green tea matcha treats, I had a chance to try while on holiday in Japan, with a few food souvenirs brought back home, I thought I will try to create something experimental 😁 that could be a tasty reminder of those enjoyable flavours 😍


(for 11×15 inch baking tray, for an ordinary cake size please half the amount of ingredients)

7 eggs

3 cups of flour

250 gram Β butter (melted)

2 cups of sugar (any type)

3 heap tbsp of green tea macha powder

0,5 cup of milk

2,5 tsp of bicarbonate soda


150 gram of white vanilla chocolate (optional)

extra tsp of matcha powder for sprinkle (optional)


Put all dry ingredients (sugar, flour, bicarbonate soda and green tea matcha powder) in a bowl and mix it well.

Gradually add eggs, melted butter, milk and carry on mixing until all combined together (you can add a bit more milk, if the mixture is too thick)

Pour the batter into baking tray. Bake in preheated 160 degrees C oven for about 30-40 minutes.







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