Flexibility helps to stay in touch with our own body, give us opportunity to work and move while slowing down enough to really feel and enjoy mind and body connection.

Stretching forms of exercises like some types of Yoga, Pilates help relax muscles and mind and give us that lovely feeling of well-being.

Yoga practice played an amazingly important role in my life and health improvement.

I practised yoga for the first time as a student and I loved it from the very start. Any time I stopped practising I have always felt my body is missing a vital for it movements.

I came back for good to my yoga adventure few years ago after finding out that the capacity of my lungs is very poor for my age and has been prescribed some drugs to be taken regularly which I have always struggled with.

I then joined my local gym to practice yoga for several times a week, focusing on breathing technique.

It was very challenging to begin with but I got hooked into pretty quickly and enjoyed every minute of it. After four months I discovered remarkable results.

Capacity of my lungs had improved by 10%. My doctor was really pleased with my result I was pleased with the way I had achieved it.

That day I knew I would carry on practising yoga. It is my passion, my medicine for my body, mind and soul.

I have completed British Wheel of Yoga Foundation L1 course and I am looking forward to starting teaching course one day when I have more free time on my hands 😁


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