Leading busy life, when every minute counts, motivation seems to be a key to get everything done.

It can be very challenging to stay focused to achieve your own goals, to find a right balance between feeling truly accomplished and being healthy in many aspects of health and wellbeing.

As much as living with a plan, hopes and dreams is a key to stay motivated, spontaneous moments do enhances life too, so therefore happy medium seems to be a key to succeed on the multi – dimensional level.

Most of the time the journey of achievement is more valuable than a goal on its own.

Sometimes we just want to be a bit lazy, skip our routines, eat something  not planned or not particularly healthy (in our own health definition) and it actually ‘healthy’ to be able to completely accept, that this is fine.

Imagining the fact, that we will eventually get where we want to be with our ambitions and desires, could possibly help to create happy feeling in our mind and soul. Happy and kind mind set most of time equal happier body and soul 😊

‘constant push’ in life could create more harm than good, in a long term.

Motivate yourself in a kind way 😊

….to create your own unique happines


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